Blue Caboose

 Blue Caboose Is:

1.  Blue Caboose began with three songwriters coming together in 2010, in order to give an outlet to the original songs that they had all been writing. At the beginning, there was a lot of experimenting with instrumentation, and song styles, but as time went along, a solid concept began to form, and the group took off with a peculiar force. The 3 part harmony, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and accordion, as well as various pickup instruments, including kazoos, and an iron skillet, bring to life songs that are deeply rooted in Cincinnati’s jug and string band traditions, but which branch out into all sorts of unexpected directions, making for a show that is lively, unpredictable, touching at times, and always fun.    

2. Smiles, dancing, singing along, clapping hands and stomping feet.

3. The Ohio River Valley, trains, rivers, mountains, farmland, lakes, hiking, canoeing, good food, blue skies and family. 

4. Warm simple pleasures in a world overstimulated with high tech gadgets and machinery. 





They encapsulate a down-home fun time. The jokes don't stop, and the music seems to never end, and you don't want it to.

- Matt Gronholm

Moose's Beard Blog

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"This is music to make your socks go up and down."

-Larry Slocum

(Manager of Oxford Farmer's Market and Author of Market Minute Newsletter)


"I would say that their sound is like bluegrass, folk, funk, polka, jazz, and jam rock all had a big orgy. Then, Bluegrass ended up pregnant, not knowing which of the others was the father, and gave birth to Blue Caboose."

- John Baker

owner operator of the Plain Folk Cafe


Howdy! Have a look around.

Here are a few things we've got coming up around the bend...

              Friday, November 20    
Sleepy Andy Tracy and Jeremy Francis will be playing the, newly opened,
                 Overlook Lodge
6083 Montgomery Road (Pleasant Ridge).

...and in other news...

You may have heard that guitar player and founding member, Tony Hall, is going to be laying low and spending time with his family for a while. You definitely need to know when it's time for a break, and there is no better reason than family.

 He hasn't quite hopped off the train yet. You may see Tony at some of the above listed shows. Stop by and tell him what you've enjoyed. Heck, tell Marty and me too. Everyone loves to hear that stuff. 

   You'll still be able to catch Marty and me playing around town; together, solo, and joined by friends. 

   I will be staying active, working on an album of original Smoky Mountains songs, due out Spring 2016.

We look forward to seeing and playing for you soon!

       ---Sleepy Andy Tracy

Contact us at

 A few selections from the album Modern Limited

Back To Ohio.mp3

Blue Caboose_Modern Limited_12 Swim, Swim, Swim.mp3

Just Me The River And You.mp3

(I Wanna Know My) Farmer's Name.mp3

Blue Caboose_Modern Limited_03 Bad Women.mp3


Blue Caboose's debut song collection, Modern Limited;

Now Available at Shake It, Everybody's Records

and where ever we happen to be. 

Digital Downloads are available on itunes, Amazon, reverbnation and you can look us up on Spotify and Last FM.

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